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Gynectrol Side Effects

Does Gynectrol Has Side Effects?

Though it is true that Gynectrol may be tolerated well by many individuals without any adverse effect, it is still best to know more about the product and be cautious enough when using it.

There are still side effects no matter how minor it is, that may affect some of the users of the said product.

Those side effects, however, are reported to be just mild and will just quickly go away when the use of the product is discontinued.

But just to be happy, there are no reported long-term harmful effects related to the use of Gynectrol GNC.
Allergic Reaction- As with any other product, allergic reactions while taking the product may be are not just likely to occur. However, it is also definitely important to know the signs and symptoms of such a reaction. An allergic reaction is indeed a serious medical condition that requires immediate attention and medical care. Symptoms may include hives or rashes with itching. Moreover, there may also be swelling of the face, tongue, mouth or throat along with shortness of breath and difficulty of breathing.

Gastro-Intestinal Side Effects-
This kind of side effects involves reported cases from a few people who have encountered dry mouth or feelings of thirst, mild stomach irritation as well as other symptoms indicating upset stomach while taking the Gynectrol formula and pill. It is therefore recommended that you increase your fluid intake while on a Gynectrol medication. Individuals who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) conditions that affect the large intestines or the colon should be prevented from taking Gynectrol.
Other Undiscovered Side Effects- Though many studies have already been conducted regarding the side effects of this Gynectrol product, it still has not reached maturity. There is still many things that are yet to be discovered. More studies needs to be studied. It is still best to engage more in scientific researches to know more about the product.
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